Thank you for visiting my website and for looking for more information about me and the stories that I write. My poetry has been compared to that of Ogden Nash. Personally I think lean towards a darker version of Dr. Suess. Either way I hope you find my work amusing.

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**New Book Series**

The cardinal coven-high priestess, is the first book in my new series, the Coven Collection. coming out October 2018. Look for it here on this website or on Amazon.

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Over all an excellent source of poetry and knowledge shared for your mystical pleasure. I am excited that there is a book which is available to help in our journeys in a delightful and playful way.




Jennipher Dallas' self-published poetry book "Veneficus." ( Greg Lindstrom )type of balance between appreciating four elements of nature -- earth, wind, fire and water -- and tuning into a fifth element recognized by witches as simply spirit.

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