A poetry book of and about spells, hexes and curses, this book broaches the magical realm of spell casting and witchcraft while poking fun at a subject not discussed at the dinner table. 

Written with quick humor and insight into deep emotion, this book will leave you with a satisfied smile.


Poetry for Emotion


This poetry book describes every type of human emotion possible. From love to hate to murder, this book has captured the essence of Edgar Allen Poe's style. A wonderful coffee book read.

Jennipher goes in depth into the deepest human emotions and brings them to light in poetry that will keep you wanting more.

The Great Chase


A young girl’s first love can be thrilling but when a second love interest makes himself known, it can turn into something a lot more complicated.  Jennah’s sophomore year in high school was supposed to be all about getting ready for college, she wasn’t looking for Mr. Right but when a chance meeting happens at a summer debate camp, she thinks she’s found him. That is, until she meets his friend.


**Coming out December 2019  



The Cardinal Coven-High Priestess


The Cardinal Coven-High Priestess is the first book in the Coven Collection. Baelynn has been running her whole life from her family responsibilities. Now the time as come when she can no longer run. Her family and their traditions are in danger of being wiped clean and replaced with new dark and dangerous traditions. Baelynn will now have to relearn all of her teachings to prevent nothing less than civil war. 

*Coming out October 2019